How can I help you buy a home?

Buying a home can be an overwhelming process. From financing, to negotiating, to closing, there are a lot of moving pieces that can leave homebuyers bewildered.

I am passionate about helping you through each step of the buying process – and ensuring you understand everything along the way. By working with me, my hope is that I can help you easily navigate the entire real estate journey, and you’ll not only end up with a house but a great home….and enjoy the experience.

The Buying Process

1. Provide a “Needs Analysis”

An easy interview will help us determine what you are looking for in a new home and allow us to create the appropriate search. Contact Us

2. Pre-qualify for a Mortgage

Establishing a budget is critical in order to search for homes in your budget, as well as selecting a reputable lender as a partner in the process.

3. Find and Research Properties

I’ll locate the properties that best fit your needs via MLS data, county records, as well as off-market and personally preview them. Click here to start your search!

4. Appointments and Home Tours

We will handle the logistics of scheduling and coordinating our visits to properties within your busy schedule.

5. Select a Home and Present an Offer

You’ve found the one! We’ll evaluate comparable properties and discuss the offer details together, making an informed offer.

6. Negotiate Contract Terms

We will present and negotiate with the seller or seller’s agent on your behalf to get to agreeable terms and finalize the agreement.